Since 1954, Palazzo Turati has been the institutional headquarters of Milan Chamber of Commerce and home to its operations.

Able to host up to a total of 300 people, it is a technologically advanced structure and the ideal place for Italian and foreign companies that want to set up meetings, conferences and seminaries in an institutional setting.

Palazzo Turati was built in 1880 by the engineers Ponti and Bordoli under commission from the family of Count Turati.The external part has a linear styling in the facade, embellished with decorations evoking Florentine and Roman models.
In the period 1929-1931, the architect Paolo Mezzanotte renovated the interior of the palace, making it more suited to the uses of that time and creating two halls: a larger one for the corn market and a smaller one dedicated to the silk market.
Palazzo Turati retained its appearance and structure until the Second World War when the bombardment of 1943 damaged the internal structure and the body of the building. The internal part, which originally had a colonnade around a courtyard in the typical tradition of Milan, was completed redesigned following the damage incurred.


  • Line-array amplifier system without limits to the number and types of microphones
  • Video projecting systems for stills and films without signal conversion
  • Videoconferencing using IP protocol and ISDN lines for backup
  • Simultaneous translation system
  • Integrated video-audio system for closed circuits
  • Digital audio and video recording
  • Wireless system throughout
  • Voting system


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